Hyvä delivers an Ecommerce REvolution for Magento

What is Hyvä ?

Hyvä is the leading front-end Theme for Magento. It's long-awaited and is therefore creating waves across the industry since it's disrupting the market with far better gains than competing products. It's simpler than PWA, therefore considerably cheaper, yet in many cases it still out-performs any other front-end solution for Magento.

Hyvä is now more than just a theme, but if you are here learning about it for the first time, here's a recap of why a business should consider it: 

  • Unsurpassed UX performance
  • Reduced time to market
  • Lower development costs
  • Amazing Core Web Vitals
  • Reduced TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

The product is growing in popularity more than any other Magento solution, which is why ZERO-1 are investing heavily in specialist build, feature and product development using Hyvä Themes, Hyvä Checkout and Magewire.

Why ZERO-1 ?

Few companies hold the coveted Hyvä Partners label, even fewer hold the highest UK Gold status.  We're proud to be among them!

"Our partner agencies play a key role in growing the Hyvä product and ecosystem. They help us drive forward our core product, support our users and evangelize Hyvä in the ecommerce ecosystem."

We are thrilled to be amongst just 14 agency partners worldwide and intend to play a key role in the growth and prosperty of Hyvä.


  • We developed the Worlds 1st Open Source ePOS extension using Hyvä
  • Developers of Instore Collect / MSI functionality for Hyvä Checkout
  • Delivered the 1st implementation of ShipperHQ support for Hyvä Checkout
  • We are one of very few trusted Hyvä partners based in the UK
  • We contribute back to Hyvä

Barr Display were faced with a business critical challenge. Their Core Web Vitals scores were rapidly deteriorating due to site performance. Within 48 hours after launching Hyvä, the Core Web Vitals data was immediately lifting to provide a steady improvement in Good URLs from 19% to 85% in little over 2 weeks.

Can you tell when we launched Hyvä?

All of our projects are now on Hyvä. We have 8 sites currently live on Hyvä; 4 sites using Hyvä Checkout; 3 using Click & Collect on Hyvä Checkout; 1 Retrofit project and 7 custom builds. 

Also, we really get on with them. They're genuinely really nice people, and we have a great friendship! 

About Hyvä

What is Hyvä?

Hyvä Theme is revolutionising Magento in many ways. Many are familiar with the term Luma, which was the default theme/skin which Magento 2 shipped with. Luma is now heavily outdated and reports poorly for front-end user experience and Core Web Vitals.

Hyvä Themes is built on modern technology including as Alpine JS, Tailwind CSS and Magento GraphQL. Hyvä Theme (implemented well) is delivering a far superior experience where performance is concerned.

What is Hyvä Checkout?

Hyvä Checkout is a separate product aimed at driving the same benefits to the Magento checkout. We delivered the world's 1st Hyvä Checkout for www.sdslondon.co.uk and have since delivered several other projects and key enhancements. In becoming early adopters, we invested heavily in the technology so already have several key products aimed at further delivering enhancements to Hyvä Checkout.

Hyvä Services

ZERO-1 Hyvä Retrofit

Our "Retrofit" approach decouples the build from the more costly redesign and user experience overhaul, delivering the tech in the quickest possible time-frame

See how Barr Display gained from this

Custom Hyvä Builds

The limitation of Hyvä stops at your imagination! This means we're able to create fully customised Hyvä builds to suit your exact needs

Here are just a few of our customers on Hyvä

Hyvä Site Audits

If you're not happy with your current Hyvä website, we're here to help!

Whatever issues or pain points you may have with your current Hyvä website, simply contact us and we'll be happy to audit your site

Hyvä FAQs

How long does it take to bulid a Hyvä site?

Our fastest Hyvä build was 1 week. This was a basic build from core Magento / Hyvä. Our longest project to date took 3 months

The time it takes to build a Hyvä site is dependent on requirements and what features you require.

How much will it cost?

Our pricing varies significantly based on project complexity. We have implemented our most basic Retrofit project in as little as 1 week for £8k.

Feel free to get in touch regarding your own website where we'll be able to complete an audit and give you a quote

Key costing factors:

  • Required custom functionality
  • Design Requirements
  • Number of extensions (custom & commercial) in use
  • Number of sites/themes required

Get in touch to discuss your requirments

Is it guaranteed to pass Core Web Vitals?

We've seen outstanding results (very quickly) from using Hyvä. From Core Web Vitals, UX, to organic rankings. It really is a great way to improve your website, but... it's not bullet-proof. It depends on the implementation

We answer this question fully here

How does it compare to PWA?

In our experience, Hyvä far out-weighs PWA! Total Cost of Ownership, developer hours and ongoing costs are to name but a few

  • Functionality only available via PWA - we can't actually think of any though, since many PWA's cannot fully function without connectivity with 3rd party services (Ie payments, search etc)
  • Large Budget - it's easy to find success stories for PWA. In our experience though, these are usually very high budget projects with far higher ongoing costs

If you need help validating PWA or Hyvä, do your research and run Pagespeed Insights on sites running your prospective platforms.

Can I have a demo?

Discover just how fast Hyvä really is by visiting the Hyvä demo store

Interested in maximising Hyvä technology for your business? You've with a leading provider so we'd love to talk. Here's some key reasons why.

  • We invested heavily and early into Hyvä Themes and checkout
  • Delivered over 30 projects
  • Contributed to Hyvä & Hyvä Checkout
  • Developed over 20 high-value Hyvä compatible modules


Hyvä Founder Willem Wigman & Arron Moss enjoying the evening after MM23FLHyvä Founder Willem Wigman & Arron Moss enjoying the evening after MM23FL
Hyvä Founder Willem Wigman & Arron Moss enjoying the evening after MM23FL

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