We were thrilled to get an introduction to Mercy Robes earlier in 2023, and it wasn't long before we realised our shared core values would become firm foundations for a long-term relationship.

It's clear that a passion for delivering great products and exceptional customer service have established this family-run business as one of the most respected Clergy Wear suppliers both nationally and internationally.

"My experience with Zero-1 has been very amazing, Arron & his team have the best knowledge in their field and use industry best practices, are honest & hardworking also focused on best customer experience. It's a rare combination. Our company employees are so happy with our website after they have taken over. Happy Customer!"

Neetu Nichani, Mercy Robes

The Design

Along with upgrading to Hyvä, they wanted to upgrade the design.

We established with Neetu that Mercy Robes were very flexible about all aspects of design such as the logo, colours, brand guidelines and imagery. This meant we were able to be super creative with no restrictions in place, which is a designers dream. 

Mercy Robes' quality products and respect within the industry means they're the "Louis Vuitton" of Clergy wear. We needed to portray this in the design! 

  • Quality Products
  • Established Business
  • Highly Respected Business
  • The "Louis Vuitton" of Clergy wear

We felt like the current logo and branding didn't quite do this, so we took to getting creative and here's what we did...

Design Concepts