Multi-Source Inventory

Multi Source Inventory (MSI) was introduced into Magento at version 2.3.0. This immediately caused a bit of an issue where upgrades assumed to turn on all the MSI modules, which was quickly reverted.

We decided to stick with it and whilst many of our smaller merchants did not have the need for many aspects of MSI (multiple warehouses), it's key feature for us was the Instore Collect feature. 

Instore Collect - The unsung hero

Instore Collect has a few features which make it appealing for our customers.

  • Admin Sales Order Processing - notifications for 'Your Order is Ready' are built into core which means you can better communicate with your customers
  • Store Selection - This can have functionality based on distance, to return locations based on search criteria and given every store has a specific location, could be configured to display distances according to mobile geo-location data.

Instore Collect with Hyvä

If you are interested in using Hyvä and Hyvä Checkout and Instore Collect, you have come to the right place. As far as we know, we made it to market with Instore Collect compatibilty for Hvvä Checkout first, in fact at the time of writing this article we are in the process of contributing our work back to the Hyvä Gitlab repo's so that they can be shared among the community.

Pictured to the right is Barr Display, the first customer we implemented Instore Collect for Hyvä Checkout. 

In addition to our work with Instore Collect, we have a couple of further key areas to invest in 2024

  • Stock Check Feature on Product Detail Page - watch this space!
  • Further Instore Collect feature enhancements for Hyvä Checkout

If you are interested in Instore Collect with Hyvä Themes or Hyvä Checkout, please reach out and we will be glad to assist.