Barr Display were faced with a business critical challenge. Their Core Web Vitals scores were rapidly deteriorating and they had a new business acquisition taking priority over web development. They needed to find a solution and within a fast time-frame. 

Hyvä Themes was implemented using our Retrofit Project approach. This decouples the build from the more costly redesign and user experience overhaul, to deliver the tech in the quickest possible time-frame.


14% ↓

"We saw an immediate impact on our Ad costs allowing us to divert investment to other customer acquisition channels"

Julia Prestia, Barr Display


Within 48 hours the Core Web Vitals data reporting in Google Search Console was immediately lifting to provide a steady improvement in Good URLs from 19% to 85% in little over 2 weeks.

Close monitoring of organic keywords using SEMRush through the launch period were (as expected) more delayed, however strong position gains are already being seen in organic positions for keywords related to many top category pages

Google Ads performance has taken a strong step forward improving key metrics such as bounce rate, revenue and conversion rates.

Barr Display achieved their Retrofit project in under 1 month with a labour effort of 1 week. According to Adwords data alone, the project had paid for itself within the first 2 weeks since launch, with an impressive leap in conversion rate of 12%, CPC reduction of 18% and 30% improvement in transactions.