Out of the box, Hyvä scores a 100/100 score in Google PageSpeed and it passes Core Web Vitals on all metrics!

This is because Hyvä have drastically reduced the amount of code that is shipped to the user when they are on the frontend of the site. You can see for yourself just how incredibly quick Hyvä is by visiting the demo store

Hyvä can still be butchered...


It's solely down to the implementation. A badly built or poorly kept website can hurt your CWV scores, regardless of how good Hyvä is!...

Butchering Hyvä

Bad implementation

We've seen a bit of a horror story recently where a very unfortunate company had their site built on Hyvä by an agency that clearly didn't know what they were doing.

The agency had created a new theme based on Hyvä (which is standard practise), but they then decided to include various JavaScript libraries, a completely new CSS library, and countless bad practices in the theme files.

This resulted in a Hyvä site that was performing poorly on Core Web Vitals

Image / asset compression

With the flexibility of Magento comes the ability to add content via the admin panel, and it doesn't take much for an unexperienced merchant to affect CWV (core web vitals) scores.

For example, you could have a category page that loads by default in 1.5s. Then someone comes along and adds a new content block at the top of the category page. This content block includes a video and 30 images at 0.5MB each. 

Regardless of what platform or theme you're using, this will have an effect on CWV, and more importantly, the user

3rd Party Javascript

A lot of 3rd party javascript includes are just "dumped" onto a Hyvä website, and they always have a negative impact on CWV, as well as the user

Hyvä has ability to deal with these 3rd party JS files so that the CWV scores aren't affected; again, it's down to the implementation

My Hyvä site is slow

If your Hyvä website is not performing well on CWV, it is most likely going to be down to bad implementation as mentioned above.

But fear not! Here are some things you can act on now...

  • Check your site on the CWV Tech Report
  • Raise your concerns with your agency
  • Ask us to review your Hyvä website