Barr Display

ShipperHQ were a key reason for Barr Display to select Magento Open Source as their platform of choice over Big Commerce. Complexities over shipping such a vast range of products across the US meant this was a challenge which required the ability to flex and innovate. Magento and ShipperHQ delivered on both counts.


Handling complex shipping logistics in a customer-focussed way


Barr Display faced particular challenges with a diverse product range and more complex range of needs to get products to the customer safely. Just one example was the need to gather additional customer information when large orders needed delivering via LTL and may need additional clarification on Liftgate requirements or details on delivery location. With ShipperHQ and Hyvä Checkout our development team found it incredible easy to support the unique customer journey requirements so that the necessary information could be gathered at the point of checkout.

Paving the way for further innovation

Whilst many are still caught up in the obvious benefits of Hyvä being onsite speed and customer experience, we are seeing far greater depth and opportunity with the innovation potential around checkout customisation. Being finally able to deliver a value proposition around checkout which fits the need of the merchant, provides a significant gain over SaaS competitors unable to innovate. Not only have Barr Display achieved something simply not possible outside the Magento ecosystem, they have great plans to further leverage that and gain further competitive advantage in the ever-increasingly complex world of carrier logistics.

If you would like to hear the whole presentation from Meet Magento Florida 2024 these should be available via very soon.