Not so POS-ITIVE...

A local merchant recently joined the list of our valued merchants who felt let-down by their failing ePOS applications. Growing concerns over issues and lack of features or stability have caused us to listen up. Is a simpler approach needed?

Epos integrations with Magento are pretty vast, but in recent times we have seen countless reports or issues integrating with Magento usually around customisations and commercial modules. 

What could we do to help our customers and anyone else experiencing the same pains? Develop our own Open Source Epos extension harnessing the true power of Magento with much closer coupling and yes you guessed it, harnessing the power of Hyvä and Hyvä checkout for a super-fast user experience.

Our approach and values

Discussing Epos with so many diverse merchants appeared to make it clear, more POS features integrating with Magento seemed to create more pain.


Keep it simple

We spent some time deliberating the core feature set and what was essential to customers, in order to arrive at the minimum set of features that could constitute a functional Epos. Our hope - like Magento - is that other developers and merchants will take the opportunity to produce their own themes and customisations so that the core Epos application does not need to become too complex for the most basic needs.

So what does MVP look like?

Extremely Simple! Just create a website like you would any other multi-store Magento install, and it can be designated the Epos and access-restricted

  • Assign a Website to POS and Access-Restrict
  • Assign the Hyvä-based POS Theme - fully customisable
  • Utilises MageWire for fast, powerful back-end interaction (barcode scanning, add-to-cart, custom prices and more)
  • Define a Guest/Walkin Customer for standard sales
  • Utilise Login-As-Customer (core) to process Sales
  • Use the free Offline Card/Cash payment Methods
  • Already supports aheadworks Gift Card & Customer Credit
  • Support for MSI
  • Currently Tested on Google Chrome in iOS and with barcode scanners and AirPrint Star Receipt Printer
  • Fully customisable Receipt designs - using Hyvä templates

 We intend to release our POS v1.0 for general availability around the end of January 2024.



Are you interested?

If you are already running Magento 2.4.6+ and have a store using an Epos integrated with Magento, we are taking on a small number of additional customers in our trial period to ensure that the MVP has a strong, core feature-set encouraging the community to write their own customisations and merchants to adopt the product.