Releasing to production over the Black Friday week 3 times!!

Wreckless? Stupid? Crazy?

Not when you have an infrastructure and DevOps pipeline like SDS London!

Unfortunately, not all merchants have an infrastructure they can trust enough to even think about releasing over the Black Friday week, never mind actually doing it. Several times!

This means code freezes are forced on merchants for X days / weeks before big events like this. It makes sense to do this and reduce the possibility of things going wrong, but due to the fact that SDS have a solid infrastructure in place with MDOQ, they don't have to worry.

How MDOQ removes risk when releasing

  • All work is developed and tested (many times) on an exact replica of production
  • Staged cutovers - we can simulate the deployment process away from production as many times as required
  • Automated deployment tool
  • Zero-Downtime option - with amazing tech like Hyvä we are constantly evolving and improving code. With Hyvä that just got a whole lot easier, so we do it far more often. 90% of our deployments are zero-downtime so no-one even knows! 
  • Automated roll-back for worst case scenarios - usually some naughtly sausage has been onto the production server, thankfully that is also a think of the past.
  • Automated testing - we integrate Selenium test automation using Ghost Inspector


Visit the MDOQ site to find out more...

Living the Thug Life

Now releases to production don't include the risk you find on other infrastructures, it no longer matters whether it's a 4am release on a Monday morning, or a 6pm release on Black Friday.

This means Simon at SDS can live the "Thug Life"...

He's able to push forward; he's able to innovate; and most importantly, he's able to lead, not follow.