Magento is alive!

Mathias Schreiber's talk was inspiring!

Mathias spoke about all the great things that the Magento Association are doing right now to continuously improve Magento Open Source, collaborate with others, and to grow and help the Magento community

Thank you Ravi!

We just want to say, Thank you Ravi Mittal and his amazing team for an absolutely wonderful event.

The effort, time, and dedication that Ravi and his team put in was seen by everyone and it was really incredible. The conference was buzzing with innovation and ideas, so much great feedback on talks. It really brought everyone together with a great atmosphere throughout the event.

Ravi and some attendee's doing the Everglades TourRavi and some attendee's doing the Everglades Tour
Ravi and some attendee's doing the Everglades Tour

As the beatles once said...

...Come Together

While we knew the conference would be a great way of meeting and connecting with all sorts of interesting people, we never expected such a great connection with another Hyvä partner agency.

We met Niek, Sil and Tjitse from Vendic. They really are great guys and they're doing some incredible work on Hyvä, giving back to the community and making a real impact!

Read more on how ZERO-1 and Vendic are hoping to work together

Helping others

We demo'd and launched our new open source POS system, OpenPOS built on Hyvä & Hyvä Checkout.

The feedback we received was really positive! It was great to hear how it could help both merchants and agencies alike.

OpenPOS is fully compatible with aheadworks Gift Cards and Store Credits feature which was part of the demo. We were also able to drop $20 gift cards into all the swag bags and give attendees the opportunity to donate to the Magento Association and MageOS! 

Read more on the donation results here

ZERO-1 Stand before the crowds arrivedZERO-1 Stand before the crowds arrived
ZERO-1 Stand before the crowds arrived

Having fun

We said we would have fun, and we didn't disappoint ourselves. For all of the official videos and images, you can visit the official Meet Magento Florida website or alternatively check out some amazing pics at, but here are a few of our own...