Professional Books reached out to us early 2023 with concerns over their current agency. Investment was being consumed with basic platform support. Innovation was not being driven forward and they had lost interest driving new ideas.

Nothing seemed to get fixed, old issues were reappearing and overall, trust was lost.

We stepped in

The agency overall did a good job. We were impressed with the overall coding standards.

We discussed our values and desire to drive down the base operational costs so we could restore a positive view on the platform and potential for growth.

We took over and immediately made a strong impact on site performance due to an immediate move to MDOQ Hosting. We expedited a platform upgrade and installed some positive energy back into the merchant/agency relationship.

Where next?

Hyvä of course! Where else? 

Like almost all other Luma sites we are currently reviewing, Core Web Vitals are tanking, so the inevitable next step will be to migrate to Hyvä Themes and of course Hyvä Checkout.

Many issues have now been fixed, stability has been restored and we are regularly deploying thanks to the Managed Deployment pipeline from our infrastructure partner MDOQ.

A Hyvä rebuild will be the next significant development on the agenda and we look forward to expediting that in 2024.