We are thrilled and honoured to be one of just 3 UK companies awarded the official Hyvä GOLD partner status. The hard work and efforts of our team have been instrumental to this amazing recognition.


Our commitment to Hyvä

We are heavily committed to Hyvä and in 2024 we have many plans including (but not limited to):

  • Contributing Instore Collect extensions 
  • Delivering OpenPOS, the Open Source EPOS based on Hyvä
  • Supporting OpenPOS with a range of feature add-ons
  • Building our range of Hyva Compatible in-house extensions
  • Launching our own commercial extension store with only 100% Hyvä compatible extensions
  • Developing our large in-house automated test suite built for Hyvä Theme & Checkout
  • Launching our 1st commercial Hyvä Theme add-on
  • Developing content to educate and improve Hyvä project delivery outside ZERO-1

We coined the phrase 'retrofit' where Hyvä was concerned, pioneering a method to implement the stack in the most effective manner. Since our talk in early 2023 (pictured right) we have implemented over 25 further projects and are on course to hit 35 by summer 2024. 


Our duty of care to Hyvä

Hyvä projects do not come without challenges, after all we are often implementing onto established sites, many with heavy customisation and need to offer unique customer experiences. 

Our ambitions and targets are to deliver the highest quality service under a well-executed project where client expectations are well-managed and outcomes deliver on clearly defined goals.