Out of the ordinary

We just got back from Meet Magento Florida 2024, and what a conference it was! We went to showcase our new open source POS system, meet new people, share ideas and learn.

The last thing we expected however was to be having discussions with another Hyvä partner agency on how we can work together, share business knowledge and help drive leadership and education around Hyvä and it's multi-faceted benefits to merchants on Magento Open Source, Adobe Commere and Mage-OS.

This is a blog dedicated to Vendic, the most inspirational agency we have had the pleasure to meet.

It's about the people

Two of our core values are "Be nice" and "Make people happy"...

Why? Because being nice and making people happy go a long way!

I couldn't count how many times I've said to my son "Treat people how you want to be treated. Be nice to people, be happy". It's about showing respect for others and being a decent person. 

Niek, Sil and Tjitse are exactly that; nice, genuine, honest people. This means a lot to us and it was this that sparked our conversations.

Working together

The one thing that got us talking was OpenPOS. The guys at Vendic were interested and found a use case of their own, so they are now planning on using OpenPOS for one of their customers. This is exactly what we wanted OpenPOS to do; give the opportunity for collaboration, extend it and be creative with it.

Aside from OpenPOS, we will be sharing knowledge and ideas; whether it be business processes, systems we use to work, feature / development ideas, we want to be positive and help each other out!

It's very early days right now, so bare with us while we collaborate and start to push some ideas forward, just note, we both love Magento, we both love Hyvä, and we both want to help others and improve the platform even more so stay tuned!