We were thrilled to be sponsoring our first Meet Magento conference in the Big Apple. We had our suspicions it may be AWESOME but nothing prepared us for the fantastic memories it produced! 

ZERO-1 sponsored and were joined by one of our clients Barr Display. Julia Prestia spoke about the latest phase of Hyvä enhancements and shared expertise on logistics using ShipperHQ.

Soaking up a bit of NYC in Times Square


One of the most anticipated sessions was the Fireside Chat What's Up Magento?

 It did not disappoint. There were some pretty heated discussions and it definitely aired many views felt by members of the community. Given the amount of passion spilling out, it was excellently moderated and although not conclusive, it undoubtedly helped instigate and progress positive discussions on how various key bodies might maintain some unity in order to maximise the future potential of the Magento platform. 


There are so many more amazing things to say about MM23NYC. The passion and energy from the community was so evident, Jakub Winkler used the word Renaissance which I think is spot-on!