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Dev Ops for Magento 2

Deploying code updates is not as straight-forward as many might have hoped, however, there are very valid reasons, and most lie within the shift in foundations from Magento 1 to 2. If you are a small business on Magento 1, used to working with freelancers or smaller, non-certified agencies, or used to Magento Connect Manager, you could be in for a struggle, in fact, you have probably...

Enhancing Magento Site Search

On site, search is a key part of behavioural analysis for any site owner. It’s key in providing valuable insight. Correctly configured, both Magento and Google Analytics can record customer searches. This data can be used to increase sales and provide a better user experience all round.

Bricks & Clicks! – The saviour of the high-street?

Sometimes it's hard to take stock of the E-Commerce industry because of its break-neck progression. Its effect on the traditional high-street is equally perplexing, we’ve all seen our local independent stores disappear, fewer and fewer finding that recipe for success. Those that do, flourish. How do they do it? Omni.