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Hyvä offers Fireworks for new Magento merchant

SDS London ( has recently undergone a complete re-platform from a custom-build to Magento Open Source and Hyvä Themes

The project was completed by ZERO-1, an Adobe partner and is hosted on the new MDOQ Production infrastructure, 

the application and infrastructure behind all Adobe Magento training and a growing number of UK merchants. 

Hyvä really has been like a breath of fresh air over Magento Open Source. Not only is the merchant happy that a build has been both cost-effective and delivered on expectations. Overall platform costs are down since the development efforts are reduced, but most importantly it allows investments to be diverted to driving conversions rather than trying to drag forward a poorly performing Luma-based site.

PWA is an unnecessary cost

Progressive Web Apps were originally tipped as the main avenue to achieve high performance on Magento. Upon reviewing this again, this simply isn’t the case. Furthermore, the technology stack is far more expensive in both development and infrastructure costs. Also the performance tests we have been carrying out are indicating that Hyvä is outperforming most live PWA sites we have tested.

Faster Dev & Zero Downtime deployments

Since the site launch, SDS have been taking full advantage of the MDOQ Automation Suite, with regular zero-downtime deployments and extensive test automation. Currently they employ several non-production and development replications. This means work can be carried out quickly and effectively by a remote team, ultimately paving the way for CI/CD practices to help the client achieve the competitive edge.