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Beyond the Hyvä Hype - ensuring project success

It's clear for all to see that Hyvä plugs a big hole in the future delivery of affordable, slicker user experiences on the Magento platform. This article aims to get a bit more 'grass roots' on the technical side but also briefly covers a few points which might help merchants pause (not for long) just enough to ensure you are clear on your goals and that your selection of Hyvä is based on accurate expectations.

Like refurbishing a house, you wouldn’t invest a load of money on a fixer-upper if the house was about to fall down. Imagine buying a house without carrying out a survey and only looking at a photo. Stupid right? A little due diligence goes a long way but in fast moving software tech and in particular, new innovations.

Hyva is absolutely a major step forward and provides another great, affordable solution to make Magento easier/cheaper to work with and ultimately provide an improved experience where both real-life customers and Google Web Vitals are concerned. However much like decorating a room, wall-papering over a big crack in the wall might look better, but the underlying issues are still there. It’s easy for merchants to get carried away over the Hyva Hype, this article tries to set out a little advise to make sure you make the decision with eyes wide open.

We’ve spoken to a couple of merchants whom have already been misled/misinformed to the expectation that Hyva will solve all their issues. As a merchant, you need to understand what can and cannot be fixed by migrating to Hyva. Here is a run-down of the aspects we try and discuss through with a customer to validate before we propose Hyva

  • Image asset optimisation - If your site is performing poorly due to image issues, sizing, optimisation etc, don’t t think Hyva will solve this it won’t. You need to work through such issues and understand how better compression, webP, use of CDN distribution can help these metrics
  • Static assets with cache policies - Often misunderstood, you should understand that this advisory is often there before and after a migration to Hyva. This is because you could have many 3rd party services, marketing trackers/pixels. The usual suspects know who they are and there are usually ways to deal with them either with lazy or some form of deferred loading. Sometimes you might actually realise an extension is doing way more than you think. Regardless, auditing all your 3rd party assets is something you should do regularly to keep your house in order
  • Content Security Policies - a new feature of Magento now factoring in the list of advisories in Lighthouse Security reports. Hyva won’t solve these issues, you need to understand how to safely implement strict CSP’s to tick this box and keep an extra layer of protection from hackers.
  • Accessibility - This is a good example which Hyva can help with but not always. You might have some advisories on an old luma-based theme about mobile (Ie clickable elements too close together). Great, Hyva has his nailed, however you might also have a custom theme where you have a couple of brand colours and using them in combination causes the advisory, ‘Background and foreground colors do not have a sufficient contrast ratio’ this is something you need to work with your frontend developer to rectify.

All in all, we have seen some pretty poor implementations of Luma over the years, many of these could also be installations with excessive extensions, marketing widgets, subscription popups, live chats, pixel tracking. If you are talking to an agency, ask for example websites and run your own Lighthouse or tests. Ask questions and ensure you are clear on what you are setting out to achieve with Hyva and you are happy that the provider is in alignment. The clearer statement of works the better. Something like ‘Using only the following 3rd party services (x, y & z) the agency will deliver average scores consistently in 90+’. Otherwise you may wish to negotiate a get-out or discount clause. 

A finishing note

We absolutely stand by Hyva and are proud to be discussing more Hyva projects in 2022. It’s a solid choice and most of our new build proposals will include Hyva and without question. However one of the first areas we check for, are whether an existing Merchant site has a poor vital score due to impact from 3rd party-code, then you could have a potential project fail on our hands if we cannot manage expectations very clearly.