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Patching your Magento 2 Store

As an agency supporting many customers on Magento 2, it’s paramount that we have a solid, scalable solution to keep customers up-to-date with the latest security patches. What Magento Recommend Magento have a documented process in ‘Creating a patch for a Magento 2 Composer installation from a GitHub commit‘ which works great for single module […]

MDOQ® Slashes Magento 2 Project Migration Costs

It’s official, MDOQ, the workflow application for Magento, is slashing costs for hundreds of companies migrating to Magento 2. Where companies on Magento 1 previous might be considering other options such as Shopware or Shopify, MDOQ now provides a more realistic budget for the smaller merchants. After 3 years in development, ZERO-1 the company behind […]