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The CrUX of the Matter

Launch directly into your own customized CrUX Dashboard Simply enter a complete website URL including protocol and hit ENTER What is a valid origin? Protocol (http or https), optional subdomain (www), and domain ( No trailing slash (/) or… Read More »The CrUX of the Matter

Barr Display on Hyvä

Retrofit results… We’re proud to bring these statistics to the Magento community which help validate the value of a Hyvä Themes implementation. Our latest implementation of Hyvä Themes is our new, Fast Track Retrofit approach, which is essentially swapping the… Read More »Barr Display on Hyvä

Enhancing Magento Site Search

Site search is often underestimated as a powerful tool of insight for customer behaviour. Many opt to extend Magento, most overlook simpler strategies to increase sales.