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Calling all Magento merchants - purchase your own extensions!

In almost 15 years of working with Magento we have taken on many projects from other agencies large and small. One distinguishing factor which usually governs our overall respect for peer agencies, is whether they help merchants manage their own extensions. There are few things worse than taking on a project/client when their licensing and extensions is like a rats nest of confusion and...

Achieving true ZERO-Downtime deployments with Magento Open Source

As an agency working with Magento since 2009, we are always excited at the prospect of moving fast with developments for our clients. Achieving CI/CD for customers on a budget is something that many agencies strive for but few succeed. In this article we discuss the pain points and share some of our processes in achieving regular zero-downtime deployments (hundreds per month) for merchants using...

Adopting Configuration as Code (CaC) using Magento

This article discusses a relatively new practice made available to Magento. We explore what CaC means and how, in conjunction with version control, it can bring great benefits to application stability. Many merchants and agencies working with Magento will have experienced issues when changing configuration settings in Magento Admin. Such changes could invoke code under different scenarios not...

How To Ensure Your Magento eCommerce Setup Meets Google's Core Web Vitals Update

Google is continually releasing algorithm updates, and this always creates a big impact on eCommerce setups. In particular, the recent Core Web Vitals update places a greater emphasis on loading speed and performance. This means that it's more important than ever for any Magento eCommerce agency or retail business to ensure their eCommerce setup is optimised for fast loading on all devices. Here...


The Key Drivers For Re-platforming Your E-commerce Website To Magento 2


Magento 2 is the latest version of the Magento e-commerce development platform and offers several benefits over its predecessor for online retail businesses. Perhaps most importantly, Magento 2 is designed to be more scalable than Magento 1, making it a better choice for mid-sized e-commerce businesses looking to grow their online sales. In this article, we discuss the main factors leading...

MDOQ® Slashes Magento 2 Project Migration Costs

It’s official, MDOQ, the workflow application for Magento, is slashing costs for hundreds of companies migrating to Magento 2. Where companies on Magento 1 previous might be considering other options such as Shopware or Shopify, MDOQ now provides a more realistic budget for the smaller merchants.