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MDOQ® Slashes Magento 2 Project Migration Costs

It’s official, MDOQ, the workflow application for Magento, is slashing costs for hundreds of companies migrating to Magento 2. Where companies on Magento 1 previous might be considering other options such as Shopware or Shopify, MDOQ now provides a more realistic budget for the smaller merchants.

After 3 years in development, ZERO-1 the company behind MDOQ have reported that their typical production cost for a Magento 2 migration has dropped from £75k to less than £30k in just 2 years.

Arron Moss, CEO at ZERO-1 reports – we saw hundreds of merchants screaming for help in finding a pathway for Magento 2. Many Magento ECommerce agencies decided to side-step and work with other platforms to service this need, ZERO-1 decided to tool up and automate the workflow in order to find one of the only affordable pathways for smaller merchants to work with Magento 2.

ZERO-1 have now validated the software and released it commercially. Still in public Beta, MDOQ is supporting major Magento 1 and 2 stores across the world including Regatta, World of Power, Roys, HGV Direct, Minky and many others.

If you are a Magento merchant looking to control your cost of ownership and find a pathway to Magento 2, we want to hear from you!