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Magento Hosting

The foundation of any successful Ecommerce business starts with the right infrastructure and orchestration. Our unique insight working with some very large merchants has afforded great opportunity to bring tooling and automation to the Magento Eco-System.

Whilst ZERO-1 actively works with many hosting companies, usually we will propose an MDOQ hosting trial which in every case so far has provided far more value than the commercial hosting packages.

Why does MDOQ Hosting out-perform all other solutions

  • Orchestration / Infrastructure as Code –
  • Managed Deployment Pipeline – including over 50 pre/post-flight checks and true zero-downtime deployments, the MDOQ deployment pipeline has managed over 25,000 deployments and counting
  • Comprehensive Toolkit
  • Docker-Based Production Hosting

In 2022 the MDOQ product officially became a separate legal entity and now operates independently of ZERO-1.