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MDOQ already operates at the core of many businesses practising
rapid, agile development with Magento

'This product has been borne from the need to gain a competitive edge supporting Magento, however, it is now much more than that, ZERO-1 has been gifted with the right staff and an innovative business culture over the last 5+ years. We have used this product internally for over 12 months and it helps our business by a magnitude.'

- Arron Moss



As one of the few certified agencies with experience in working for small startups as well as large multi-national PLCs, we have harvested a unique passion to develop tools to serve all.


MDOQ is a Multi-tenant, Managed DevOps Application for businesses working with Magento. It is designed from the ground up to dramatically improve developer workflow and business operations. Whether you're a small business owner without a Magento partner, extension development company, a Solution Partner, freelancer, or a large Enterprise company, MDOQ will help you take your Magento platform forward at a greater speed and with reduced costs. In addition to these long-term application facets, we are also developing Magento 2 Migration tools to assist and support businesses through the process. Just some of the features of MDOQ includes:-

  • Spin-up unlimited, ultra-fast production replica’s in seconds

  • Seamlessly integrate with Github

  • Manage Upgrades, Patches, staged cutovers & deployments

  • Easily integrate Automated Tests using Ghost Inspector (or any other ATF via WebHooks)

  • Intuitive ACL-controlled Web Interface allowing fast control of Magento Cron, HTTP authentication, Outgoing Emails, Magento Logs, Auto Admin-Login, Quick toggle module states, caches, production mode settings, indexes, template path hints, and more.

  • Malware scans, core code analysis/checks, best-practice configurations

  • Log & Report file Analyser

  • Extension Installation

  • Data Resync (code, DB, media) on-demand or via schedule from production

  • Time Machine - Create an absolute replica of your site but within a system that can be set to a date of your choice, effectively providing Magento Community users with the ability to test or debug scheduled design changes or promotions.


Key business areas impacted by MDOQ:-

  • Development - create unlimited, almost instant replica’s of production store on an infrastructure that has fast network access for rapid development
  • Business/Product Owners - Create rapid Sandbox replica’s of your site for experimentation or exploration of new ideas, extensions, training etc
  • Testing/QA - Manage patches, upgrades, extension installs all within isolated environments for QA and regression testing. Extensive Automated Tests ready to run and report issues with your site, 1st Line Support tools to aid non-developer resolution or improved investigation before passing along the support chain Operations - Web-based interface to manage instances (feature developments, bugs, sandboxes), support workflow and deployments.
  • All these features within a fast, managed environment which uses docker extensively allowing it to be run on almost any hardware either internal or external to your business. It will also soon support Nodes so that you can host MDOQ over multiple infrastructure nodes allowing the best of both worlds for optimum Magento development - fast localised development with remote DevOps Paas.

‘Retailers Demand More than A shopping Cart From Commerce suites’ ‘Agility and faster time-to-market. gone are the days of years-long implementations and heavy it-footprint solutions, as firms instead demand more agility and faster TTM from their platforms to keep up with customer demand. Cloud-based, service-oriented architectures that implement commerce solutions in a more modern and modular fashion are now must-haves within commerce suites. Firms typically look to either platform-as-a-service (Paas) deployments where the vendor manages the solution in a single-tenant cloud instance or software-as-a-service (Saas) deployments where the vendor manages the solution in a multitenant environment.’

Forrester Wave B2C Commerce Suites - Q1 2017


MDOQ® will be an affordable, accessible application to the SME market. In comparison to the Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition, MDOQ® has an extensive feature-set to empower businesses with many of the DevOps house-keeping tasks that would normally hinder developer productivity. Here is a brief comparison of MDOQ® compared to Magento ECE.

Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition supports the rapid creation of instances married to Github branches. Although this can create a working instance of Magento 2 within a matter of minutes, these are read-only instances on AWS. Any developer then will have to create their own local working copy of Magento in order to develop effectively. This causes significant overhead for all Magento developments. For the purposes of this comparison, we have suggested a working local instance (with cloned production code, DB, and media) will take a minimum of 4 hours. 


Business Owners can take control of DevOps reducing developer costs


Having worked across a wide spectrum of business size in the last 10 years we have come to understand that the development costs are often the single most significant part of a businesses TCO for E-Commerce platform. Couple that with the ever-increasing need for more rapid development (be it agile, continuous integration, etc), then the potential for a developer to be dedicating less time to development and more to house-keep their development environment, only increases. Similarly, we have also seen first-hand the need for localised instances (production sites cloned and working locally for faster development) which again is more time managing multiple instances for multiple developments. Magento ECE aids this however, MDOQ® supports this much more extensively thanks to its more agnostic architecture. It's not restricted only to AWS or cloud. It can be run on local network web servers so developers do not have to constantly commit code to see their changes, they can interact with the files as quickly as if it were a local instance. This brings a unique benefit to the development process and one which no other system currently offers. Traditionally, developers often choose to roll up local instances to aid faster development. This then causes impediments where collaboration is concerned. This issue manifests again with support teams.

With MDOQ all these issues go away. 

‘TCO Matters, but agility, innovation, and time-to-market are equally important’

Forrester 2012 study commissioned by Demandware


Lowering the barriers between development, operations, and QA to support continuous integration is part of the DNA of MDOQ Innovation flourishes with the ability to lay quicker foundations for new ideas. Business/Product Owners can create their own Sandbox Instance, install extensions, test marketing strategies and enable developers to instantly code. Time-to-market - iteratively speaking, MDOQ supports near single-click deployments to production environments following QA & automated regression testing ‘Today, 75% of online retailers don’t factor the cost of platform upgrades or ongoing developments into their TCO models’ MDOQ reduces this unforeseen risk by reducing ‘development’ costs. To date, the developers of MDOQ, and ZERO-1 have been using the application to support iterative development for over 50 clients. In the last 12 months, we have executed over 1,500 iterations for these clients. These include Magento upgrades, security patches, commercial extension installations, Sandbox instances, and custom developments. All of these instances, and the subsequent deployment to production have saved no fewer than 2,250 developer days**

** Magento suggests SI’s typically take 1.5 days to ‘create a new environment’ for a developer.


Whilst we certainly recognise AWS as a key player particularly in cloud hosting infrastructure, there is a lot to be said for Magento-focussed Managed Hosting services on Dedicated Hardware. Whilst the flexibility to scale hardware is attractive, the importance of this for a typical SME on Magento CE 1.x, is somewhat questionable. MDOQ can be aligned with almost any production environment architecture therefore you can rest assured of competitive prices and market choice.




As an SI Partner dedicated 100% to Magento, we consider it our duty to support change and it remains our mission to support the platform. However - in talking to hundreds of SME’s - it's clear there is a growing fear in the community. This impending cost - and threat of November 2018 - is a situation which is causing M1 customers to consider their options. Now is the time many are considering other platforms as well as Magento 2. In many ways that makes sense to any diligent business owner. Whilst the TCO is thought to remain competitive for Magento Enterprise customers (turning over £5m+), we predict a significant increase in developer costs for the Magento 2 platform. This, although difficult to write, is a stark reality and merely forges a greater resolve in MDOQ to provide the support vehicle to businesses in all areas so that the cost burden is supported with immediate cost-savings. MDOQ again is tasked with sourcing these savings.