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Firstly, it’s hardly any wonder there is confusion over the different versions of Magento over the years. Much of the more recent confusion is down to Adobe and their mission to try and bury the Magento name and draw more interest to the Adobe Commerce platform.

Magento is NOT now Adobe Commerce

Contrary to the messaging Adobe are putting on paid advertising (see below) and also in burying the original educational resources, Magento Open Source is very much still a product, probably with more users than ever and in our experience, better market-fit than Adobe Commerce for merchants trading under $200m.

Magento is NOT Adobe Commerce

Magento Open Source

Formerly Magento Community Edition, Magento Open Source is the standard (free) platform of choice for all businesses trading under $200m annually. Magento Open Source is also the majority of the code-base which drives the Adobe Commerce platform.


Mage-OS it already tipped to become a leading alternative for merchants on Open Source due mainly to the lack of interest provided by Adobe in driving the product forward.

Adobe Commerce & B2B

Adobe Commerce (formerly formerly Magento Enterprise Edition) is available as Cloud or On Premise. B2B features are powerful with Adobe Commerce therefore we still see this as a suitable fit for businesses trading $50m+ with strong functional requirements around B2B. 

Making the right choice

If required ZERO-1 can happily work with you in a discovery-phase project if you are unsure which platform is best suited. As a general rule-of-thumb we would recommend Magento Open Source if your turnover is less than $200m online Adobe Commerce is a recommendation for business either turning over $200m+ or $50m with B2B requirements.

If you are suffering from mixed messaging from different sources, please feel free to contact us. We recommend you visit a Meet Magento conference and talk to as many vendors and merchants as possible.