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Hyvä – We are obsessed

ZERO-1 are listed as one of just 23 companies in the UK at, this marks just the beginning of our dedication to the technology and we are very excited to be ramping up both investment and delivery of Hyvä projects meeting the very highest standards.

Technical Perspective

Hyvä Themes uses a different stack for implementing JavaScript and CSS, but everything else about Magento 2 is the same. With this, there’s no need to worry about any additional costs in having to re-train developers or recruit new developers solely to work Hyvä.

Not only does Hyvä bring a fast new frontend to Magento 2, it also brings a new community. The Hyvä Slack community brings back the excitement of working on Magento 2. It’s full of like-minded people with lots of ideas and solutions, meaning the output and overall quality increases.

Hyvä is also very rewarding to work on as a developer, if for nothing else other than the results. Moving over to Hyvä is consistently proving to return amazing results for merchants and business owners. From an improved UX, to an increase in conversion rate, it’s something you can be proud of!

Marketing Perspective

From a marketing perspective Hyva is a dream come true. Firstly is the improvements in customer experience and journey through improved site performance leading to more time spent on site, lower bounce rates, improved conversion rates and increased revenue.

Improved site performance is also smiled upon by Google greatly helping with Organic search performance and although Google isn’t documenting this, yet we are seeing very positive results on Key Performance Markers in Google Ads (with a decrease in CPC and Increases across Conversion Rates and revenue to name a few).

Our Retrofit Approach

ZERO-1 recognise the immediate benefits of Hyvä technology and therefore see retrofitting as the method to deliver value via the quickest possible means. 

Our Retrofit project approach is focussed on replacing the outdated Magento Luma front-end with Hyvä Themes in the most efficient manner, maintaining all existing design and user journeys to deliver the benefits quickly and without risk.

There are no downsides to this, the key benefits are :

  • Simplified Project – Maintain existing user journey and overall design
  • Speed to market – We are currently completing retrofit projects in as little as 1 week
  • Quickest ROI possible – Merchants are reporting a return on investment in 1-3 months

Don’t look for the silver bullet approach – Hyvä is no guarantee

It’s still possible to deliver any project badly – Hyvä is no different.

What we mean here is that it is still perfectly feasible to achieve poor scores using Hyvä. It’s important you have the right partner who can work with your team in establishing a plan to meet all objectives. For instance you may wish to use 3rd-party services such as marketing or pixel tracking, or your team may not be experienced in image compression for web. Both of these are risks and ultimately can counter-act a Hyvä Themes investment. 

Our Hyvä Themes Customers

We are launching with Hyvä Themes projects every month so please check our case-studies. Some of our current Hyvä customers are

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