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Why work with us?

The business culture at ZERO-1 is driven by passion, not profit. It's taken 20 years to develop the quality of service which is now ready to scale. Our work is among the best and this is because of a highly motivated team spirit that we are all thankful to be a part of. We are all driven to provide a positive workplace, where we can be happy. A negative approach to anything in the workplace is unwanted. If you have a 'can do', 'glass is half full', optimists approach, we want to hear from you.


Leading Magento Developers

We don't necessarily seek only Magento experts, we make them. 

Latest technologies and projects. M2, PWA

We are pioneering some amazing tools to automate development workflow, including Headless & PWA.

Focus on high-quality work

Individual, personal satisfaction and pride, results in high-quality output. For 5 years now we have attempted to facilitate methods to experience Flow within the workplace.

Current Opportunities

Senior PHP Developer

Individuals with 4+ years experience developing for Magento 1 & 2


Junior Backend Developer

Perfect for a post-graduate or similar with PHP experience and a deep desire to work in ECommerce.