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Bricks & Clicks! – The saviour of the high-street?

Sometimes its hard to take stock of the E-Commerce industry because of its break-neck progression. It’s effect on the traditional high-street is equally perplexing, we’ve all seen our local independent stores disappear, fewer and fewer finding that recipe for success. Those that do, flourish. How do they do it? Omni.

What does Omni-channel really mean and how does a small business exploit the concept?

Omni-Channel is the new Multi-Channel. The latter is the ability for a business to retail successfully over several channels. For larger businesses this has often been very difficult to achieve as the larger businesses are less agile, slow to adapt to logistical challenges of the changing retail landscape. These traditional inhibitors are really where small businesses and startups should see opportunity. Connecting with your consumers through multiple channels is really where the future of retail lies. That’s Bricks & Clicks. That’s Omni-Channel. Whether you started as Pure play or Bricks & Mortar, strong threads of commonality are emerging from those businesses small and large, finding the right recipe for growth.