Is your website under-performing? SEO help from Zero-1

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Website not performing ?

Here at Zero-1 we very often get clients who approach us looking for SEO help. Usually it’s with a familiar story. They have a website that someone else has designed for them, and it’s not appearing in the search engine results.

Over the many years that we have been working on SEO projects, we have found this to be common complaint, time and time again.

Very often a new and exciting project  such as getting your company’s first website online can create a real buzz. Sadly this buzz is more often than not a short-lived. How many times have you heard the claim:

“We will get you onto the first page of Google in one week”

Only for the company to take your money and then disappear into the ether? Our clients often tell us of the numerous calls they receive from companies claiming to be able to perform such miracles. The truth of the matter is that companies who make such claims only care about the numbers. They will tell you whatever you want to hear to get your business. If they can sign up a hundred new customers in a week they are happy.

Here at Zero-1, we believe in creating a stable and long lasting relationship with all of our clients. That’s why we don’t make outlandish promises. Achieving good search engine results takes time, and hard work.  There are no legitimate quick fixes.

SEO help? Zero-1 work with the client

Zero-1 can provide the SEO help to improve your search engine rankings. We can’t wave a magic wand and take all your troubles away, but we can help you plan and organise your website in a way that will improve your search engine visibility.

You know your business, you are experts at what you do. We know how to promote and market websites, together that’s a powerful combination of knowledge.

Content is King

Ever since the early days of the internet, websites with the best content tend to perform better than their competitors.
After all you want to give your customers the most rewarding experience possible. That experience has to result in leads and sales.

Zero-1 will work closely with you, to create a structured site that delivers relevant information and leads to enquiries and sales.
Contact Zero-1 to see how we can make your website fit for business.

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On 17th September 2012
By Phil Gregory

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