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I was looking at Rand Fishkins’ thread on SEOmoz today, where he was asking

“What’s the most effective web marketing tactic you’ve seen or used that very few people know about?”

In the article, which is a pro user thread only, web professionals were sharing some of their lesser known tips for marketing. Of course, you can find any information out by doing a little diligent research on your desired topic. It’s always good to get a few snippets from the masters though.

One of my own tips for sharing content is this..

Re-marketing your Blog Posts

So, you wrote your blog article, and spent some considerable time finding just the right words and the right images, maybe even creating graphics, curating links and adding great information to wow and engage your audience. You publish, nothing much happens, and then, you let it die. Your article just sits there on the blog hoping that someone might stumble across it.  They may not! So what do you do now?  You remarket it.

If your blog is new and you are not yet ranking well for a specific phrase, your articles can just disappear. There are around 2 million blog posts written every single day.  So if your’s isn’t hitting the mark or you posted it at the wrong time of day, it simply won’t have the desired impact.

When I write an article, I share the link on Facebook,  Twitter  and Google Plus often using the scheduling features to deliver the article to the relevant audience at key times.  Then a few hours later,  I will share the link again, with a slightly different title.  It’s ok to share things multiple times, just let people know it’s a repost.  That way, the audience who do follow you don’t waste their time visiting the article twice.

Timing is key for re-marketing

Remember, the likelihood that all of your audience will see your blog posts, tweets, Facebook posts, or  G+ posts the first time is unlikely.  So, you have to give your audience as much opportunity to see the article as possible.   You can choose the optimum time to do your marketing by taking a look at your Google Analytics stats. Analytics will reveal to you when your audience is online and when they look at your blog/website.  Find the optimum times and market accordingly.  If you don’t have Google Analytics set up on your website, give us a call.

Schedule your social media updates and blog posts

Plug & Play – Using plugins to share your knowledge.

In recent years, bloggers have determined new ways of keeping people on their site for longer.  Your blog may be a vehicle to drive traffic or sales for your business, so the more engaged readers are, the better the chance of doing business with them.  So, search around for plugins that highlight other related posts that you have written.  Once people land on your blog, you need to feed them with articles that will lead to conversions.

WordPress users often use plugins such as YARPP or Related Posts Thumbnails.  Of course, there are other options for other platforms.  If you use Blogger,  then try Related Posts Widget for Google Blogger – v2  or if you use the TypePad platform then there is Link Within.  All these plugins and widgets help you to recycle content that otherwise might not get a view, especially if it has dropped down the search engine results pages.

Benefits of re-marketing your blog

  • Over time, you can build up large numbers of social shares by re-marketing your old blog posts.
  • This keeps you visible in the mind of your audience ,  great when you’re suffering from writers block.
I also do “Time Machine Posts” where I  repost articles from previous months and years.  They can still be relevant to a portion of your audience.  Eg: Seasonal posts, family posts etc.  This has the same effect as the ‘Related Posts’ plugins, just for those who haven’t arrived at your website yet.
One last thing…

Use your Mailing List

Use your Mailing List

You do have a mailing list don’t you?  Good, use it then!  Just because you wrote a bunch of posts last month, doesn’t mean that those posts had the maximum exposure that they could have had.  Take the opportunity to reach out to your subscribers  and remind them about all the great content that is available for them.  To make an analogy, re-marketing is a bit like Mothers Day,

“Sometimes people need to be reminded that you love them”.

Do you have questions about re-marketing? Do you want to make more of your Blog/website? Need help harnessing Social Media and improving your customer engagement?

Want to set up a mailing list and reach out to potential customers?

Contact Zero-1 today.

t: 0845 867 6391



Are you re-marketing, How do you do yours? leave a comment below and let us know.

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On 8th March 2013
By Phil Gregory

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