Worried About Moving To Magento?

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In life, one of the most stressful things we do step is moving house! The situation is no different when moving website or website platform. When moving your website to Magento, fair enough, you might have a plethora of additional functionality, but if you have an existing website which has some stature on the search engines, the last thing you want is to “drop like a sack of spuds” and have to start your SEO from scratch.

Enter the ‘Smooth Move 301 Redirect Handler’ extension

Produced by the expert Magento developers here at ZERO-1, the ‘Smooth Move 301 Redirect Handler’ extension has been developed and used by us with our existing clients. Due to its success and ease of management in deploying the extension,  we have decided to launch it commercially to the Magento Community. Smooth Move 301 Redirect Handler is available for both Magento Community and Enterprise.

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On 29th May 2012
By Arron Moss

2 Responses to Worried About Moving To Magento?

  1. mike says:

    We just set up a magento site, we’re migrating from vendio. Does your smooth move extension work on magento1.7.0.2? I also haven’t found any documentation. Woudl you happen to have any? Thank you for your reply, Kind Regards,Mike

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