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Zero-1 make quality Magento Extensions. We have created a range of Magento Extensions, some free and some premium.  We create the free extensions because here at Zero-1 we believe that it’s important to give something back to the community. We want to be as helpful as possible to our clients and potential future clients.

Zero-1 is a business, and whilst we are proud to produce free extensions, we want to promote our Premium Magento Extensions too.  One extension that we are particularly proud of is Category Reviews with Rich Snippets.


Category Reviews with Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets for Category Pages
Category reviews with Rich Snippets is a powerful Magento extension that will help you to build brand trust. If you have a Magento store you will know that product reviews are an important factor in creating trust in your brand.  People like to read reviews from other users before they purchase.

However, reviews on scattered product pages are not always easily found, especially if you have a large store. So we thought:

Wouldn’t it be great to create an aggregated reviews extension“?

So that’s what we did.

Aggregated Reviews on Category Pages

Category Reviews With Rich Snippets collects all reviews from products within your categories.

Then the extension displays reviews on the category landing pages. This presents your users with a selection of the best product reviews, helping them to feel confident that yours is a web store that they can trust to deliver quality goods and services.

Add Reviews to Magento Category Pages


Rich Snippets for Reviews

Not only does our extension help your customers to make purchasing decisions when on your website, it also helps potential customers choose your website over others. See a Working example.

Our extension creates code that allows an aggregated reviews score to display in the Search Engine Results pages making your listing stand out.
The review star rating really stands out and catches the eye giving you a higher click-through rate to your site.

Rich Snippets Reviews

Make your listing stand out in Search Engine Results Pages

Buy Category Reviews with Rich Snippets

To see an example of the extension click the following link.
Category Review with Rich snippets Magento Extension

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On 21st April 2015
By Phil Gregory

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