Magento Cron – is it important?

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Magento Cron is often overlooked when configuring your Magento store. There are many things which can go wrong and often do, under the hood. Having setup over 100 Magento stores and been involved in supporting many more, we have often found that problems can often go unnoticed when it comes to Magento’s cron.

Enter the Magento Cron Doctor

Cron is essential to major key opeCall the Doctorrations of Magento Enterprise Edition, more so since the major 1.13 revisions, which now have cron triggered indexing processes. Magento Community also has newsletters and price rules to name a couple. Take M2e’s eBay/Amazon/Play integration though, its absolutely essential.

Cron Doctor steps in and keeps you posted about the things which normally go unnoticed. You can see the processes which are scheduled, those which run, those which fail and those which stick (turning into zombie processes) and with our simple extension you can keep things in check whilst investigating the underlying causes.

Our Cron Doctor has been directly responsible for;

  • Minimising stock issues when m2e communication fails and products are at risk of overselling
  • Newsletters failed because of memory issues
  • Scheduled API calls to third party providers failing due to time-outs or exceptions

Supported on Magento Community and Enterprise Editions, Magento Cron Doctor has helped diagnose and assist over 200 stores worldwide and is available for Free download via Magento Connect.

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On 1st July 2013
By Arron Moss

One Response to Magento Cron – is it important?

  1. Jerome says:


    Could you add possibility with cron doctor config to activate or desactivate different cron ?

    like aoe_scheduler extension

    my aplogies for my bad english

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