The Missing Magento Promotions!

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Magento Promotions
The benefit of being a Magento Solution partner is, we are constantly working on ways to enable our clients gain more from Magento. In the ever-competitive climate of online trading, the largest point of failure for online businesses is the ability (or lack of) to engage your customer. How better to attract more sales than offering great promotions!

Magento’s Buy X Get Y Free

An often largely disappointing realisation for our customers is this feature. When clients see this feature they will often relate it to major UK high street promotions usually offered by Boots or Superdrug. Giving great incentives to offer bundle discounts from a range of products. Where Magento falls short is that X and Y have to be the same product! So you can buy 3 tubes of toothpaste and get one of them free. This limits the scope of the promotion drastically, given this is offering nothing more than price breaks.

Customer insight wins out

In listening to our customers and researching the most effective way to promote your products, we have developed the following 2 Magento extensions which extend Magento’s inbuilt promotion system greatly.

What can these Magento extensions achieve that Magento core cannot?

  • Set Price bundle promotions
  • Buy 2 Get 1 Free
  • Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price
  • Buy one Get 25% off the second – or any percentage
All our promotions can be specified to work on certain products only, matching a certain brand, category, or any other attribute which is available to standard Magento Promotion rules.

We have had over 100 emails from potential customers asking questions to confirm whether certain specific promotions are possible, and are delighted to say, YES has been the answer to every one!

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On 29th October 2012
By Arron Moss

3 Responses to The Missing Magento Promotions!

  1. James Simpson says:

    Seems its also missing the buy x for fixed ammount

    I.E. Buy 3 for £10

    I still cannot find any plugin that offers this.

  2. Phil Gregory says:

    Hi Rosalyn,

    Good question and thanks for providing us with so much detail. I’m going to pass your question to one of our Magento Experts and we will get back in touch with you via email.

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